Fire Starter by Mary Little

Runner Up

**Call received 9:43pm, Thursday 19 May 2016**
Dispatch Operator: 111 emergency. Fire, ambulance, or police?
Caller (muffled): I’m the trouble starter.
DO: I can’t hear—
Caller: Punking instigator.
DO: Ma’am, please don’t swear. Do you need fire, ambulance, or police?
Caller: I’m the fear addicted. Danger illustrated.
DO: You need an ambulance?
Caller: I’m a firestarter. Twisted firestarter.
DO: Ambulance or fire? Is someone injured?
Caller: You’re the firestarter, twisted firestarter.
DO: Hey! You don’t know me.
Caller: I’m the bitch you hated. Filth infatuated.
DO: Janine?
Caller: Yeah, I’m the pain you tasted, fell intoxicated.
DO: I’m hanging up, Janine. I told you not to call me at work.



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