Low Country Blaze by Jeff Taylor

“111. What’s your emergency?”
“I need to report a fire.”
“Okay then sir. What’s your address?”
“I’m in the country. It’s not easy to find.”
“That’s not a problem. Just give us the area, road, and number. We have very sophisticated GPS equipment.”
“No. 1468 Te Rapu Road, RD2. Taumanata. It’s a hill country station.”
“Good. Now where is the fire, and is anyone injured?”
“I’m injured. The fire was down in the lower area.”
“Do you mean on the flat area of your farm? Is it scrub fire?”
“No. Please hurry!”
“Where are you burnt?”
“It’s my genitals.”
“How did that happen?”
“It was self combustion.”
“Yeah. Please hurry!”


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