Samson by Alex Reece Abbott

Juliet counts the rain-tears running down the glass cheeks of her bedroom window.
Holding Samson close, she murmurs.
No answer.
She knows what he’s thinking.
Brad breaks in again. High, brandishing a hunting knife, threats like his
t-shirt, worn thin.
Once, she called the cops. They reached her boohai cottage too late.
Damage done.
Brad? Done a runner.
Finally Samson speaks. Now.
She fires a lightning-white arc. Electrodes deliver two minutes and
thirty-nine seconds of continuous, barbed justice to Brad’s chest.
Her cheating, junkie ex falls, writhing, then still. Silent.
Juliet kisses Samson, polymer mingling with sweat-salt.
The rain has stopped.
The macrocarpa magpie roosts quiet. The dark driveway is still.



4 thoughts on “Samson by Alex Reece Abbott

  1. Love ‘Samson’ but wasn’t sure how to vote and my vote registered unintentionally as 4.5 stars!
    I think this story deserves 5 stars.
    How can I add my additional half star?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not a Kiwi, so I had to check out that word boohai in Alex Reece Abbott’s Samson…for US readers it means boonies, or whop-whops or outback for Aussies. Or backcountry.


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