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All in the Family by Mary Little

Meet Frances. She’s feisty, friendly and can bench-press more than you. She’s grinning, the way a woman does when she knows how to lay her hands on an axe.
Next to her: Amber. Calmer than her sister, more outgoing than her brother (he’s just to
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Irony by Helen

Ambulatory, Ambulation, Ambling, Gambling, Perambulation, Ambulance. The words thudded in his head, repetitive, a prayer for salvation keeping time with the siren. Am-bu-lance, if only he could see past the echo of everything he had lost. ‘Yes’ he had lied as
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What Doesn’t Kill You… by Cathy Walmsley

He’s gone, they’ve taken him away, weaving through Taranaki Street the siren’s fading.
Today it’s Stan at the wheel and that cheerful lass that gets his cannula straight in.
The chemo’s ravaged his young body but he’s chatting her up like it’s a night club.
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Full and Free by Jackie Francis

It was quick, unexpected and painful. Jim writhed as ambulance staff worked to examine him.
“I suspect your appendix is infected, you will need further tests at the hospital.”
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Once by Lee Kimber

I’ve only ever done this once.
One. One. One.
“Ambulance.…. My flatmate’s dead….. How do I know? She’s on the floor. She’s been
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Waiting by Vivienne Bailey

Tyres crunch on gravel. She holds the mohair close. Warm folds of comfort, security.
Notices the soft shoots of spring. Soon they’ll turn to golden trumpets, blue flags of hope, scarlet-fringed joy. She’d planted them last autumn. Before.
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Mistaken Identity by Frances Rabone

Barbara brandished her new Gold Card as she caught the 10 am train to town. Stepping onto the platform she tripped and fell. With a loud crack her ankle snapped beneath her. A crowd gathered. “Call an ambulance. Dial 111,” someone shouted. “Don’t look at your
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When Dreams Come True by Sarah Nutbrown

Name: Maddy
Age: 6
My dreams: Wen I grow up, I went to be a supperhero. I will wer a superhero costum with
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Home Alone by Jeff Taylor

“111-What’s your emergency? Police, fire or ambulance?”
“Amblince. Please hurry.”
“What’s your name, love?”
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Predate by George Fenwick

There was no time. There were no seconds. Only force, air, tarmac. Pain, light, dark.
I am upside down. I am falling. I am spinning. I am inert.
I am sick. A hand, on my shoulder. A voice. Voices. I gather fragments.
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The End by Sue Copsey

The paramedic can’t see him, standing behind her in the ambulance.
Each time she leans forward to check my pulse, he swims into view. Smiling that dopey smile, his head tilted to one side.
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Hands Free by Amy Laura Jackson

My handbag slaps my hip as I climb into the ambulance. It echoes the erratic beating of my heart, the laboured beating of hers.
My handbag catches on the stretcher’s metal frame when I swing my legs up. The strap
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Tree Hugger by Blair Polly

A first, all the ambulance crew can see are two strips of rubber snaking down the highway and disappearing over a bank. Down the hillside, torchlight picks out a car steaming and creaking against a tree.
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