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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night… by Sally Eyre

It was a dark and stormy night…
Kaboom! Lightning strike.
What should I do?
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In the Line of Duty by Jacqueline MacDonald

She hesitated on the doorstep. Hands sweaty, she wiped them down the sides of her perfectly-pressed trousers. She removed her hat, slotted it under her arm and tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear.
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Home Time by Mags Ross

Thank goodness that shift was over!
One broken arm (trampoline), one broken leg (car crash), stitches following a drunken brawl (best friends now) one confirmed appendicitis (now in theatre), two cold coffees, a
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The Dream Team by Mary Little

I’ve been doing this job two years. That’s a long time.
I like my job. I like catching criminals. Sometimes I find lost people. Sometimes I find evidence. But I like catching criminals most.
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Empathy by Charlotte Chadwick

The client is still on the line when my hands start shaking uncontrollably.
We are very close, I repeat.
No response, just the sound of sobbing. It takes a long time to get to these rural areas.
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Samson by Alex Reece Abbott

Juliet counts the rain-tears running down the glass cheeks of her bedroom window.
Holding Samson close, she murmurs.
No answer.
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Dedicated Legwork by Jeff Taylor

The Eketahuna Serious Crime Squad responded quickly to the 111 call. They were excited. The first decent incident since the town long-drop explosion. The false leg found alongside the body, with dints, scratches and congealed blood, was immediately considered the murder
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Who Comes First? by Mary-anne Scott

“My pager’s beeped.”
“No! Not today.” Anika turned to face him, the toddler’s fat ankles caught in her left hand. “Pass the wipes?” The room was airless, her body too heavy for kneeling, and the baby
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Late Night Interview by Kim Stainton

You can’t help but look. A stockinged leg invites a gaze. Her voice has more honey than it should, given the hard face and comatose eyes. You watch her lips, she’s all teeth and angles. She says he’s been a dick. He hit the window cos who the fuck knows why. You
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Aftermath by Michael Burns

As I approached, I noticed the door was open. I stepped into the kitchen. The table was off to one side with a chair over on the floor and another chair tipped against a counter. In the front room, I saw a couch tipped on its back, a lamp shattered on the floor, and an end
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Never Again by Nikki Crutchley

I had burnt the dinner again. There was no time for a cover up as the acrid smell of burnt meat wove its way through the kitchen and into the lounge, desperate to tell tales on me.
He marched into the kitchen and looked from the scalded pan in the sink to me. Old
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World’s End by Nikki Crutchley

It sounds like the world has come to a growling, rumbling end. Like a storm has erupted from the ground. It looks like the world has come to an end. Up on the foothills, I watch as the ground splits in two and buildings down below in the city collapse as if made of paper.
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The Hardest Fall by Blair Polly

The speed is all you imagined it would be. You’re flying — back arched, arms and legs spread, hurtling towards the earth at terminal velocity. The town below looks like a model. After identifying the landing zone near the aerodrome, you pick out your house two blocks
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