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The 111 Emergency Words Team would also like to say a huge thank you to Tog the Bunny, who has his own kindle picture book (At Home with Tog) and a Facebook page.


Flash-fiction inspired by our PledgeMe donors

Sister Act by Marlon Moala-Knox for the 111 Emergency Words team

The McHalick sisters, Emily and Olivia, hadn’t met up in a while and were growing anxious to see each other. They had carved out a Tuesday lunchtime, and now sat at an outdoor table of a stylishly run-down cafe.
“So … How’s work?” asked Olivia.
Emily sipped coffee and shrugged. “Nothing to write home about.”
Olivia mouthed the word ‘home’ and stared off into the bustling streets. Neither wanted to say what was on their mind, but they both had the same idea.
Finally Emily grabbed Olivia’s hand. “Just for old times’ sake?”
Relieved, Olivia nodded. They stood up, still holding hands, and began running through the city clotheslining unsuspecting pedestrians.

Omne Trium Perfectum by Loughlin Costello, for the 111 Emergency Words team 

A spark illuminates the room. Sue Copsey has the blow torch in hand. Sparks fly off the wall and flicker out on the ground.
Ms. Easthope frowns, looks at her watch.
Andree Reynolds peeks through the blinds.
The sparks fizzle out. The blow torch hits the floor. Sue gives the vault wheel a light spin. Ms. Easthope and Andree look towards the shimmering bars of gold in the newly opened vault.
Blue and red lights flash through the windows. A dozen sirens wail. Eleven from outside and one from inside. All three are arrested.
The headline the next day reads ‘A writer, a teacher and a librarian walk into a bank.’

Hunter by Marlon Moala-Knox, for the 111 Emergency Words team

“Oh, he’s done it again.”
“I told him not to meddle with the forbidden operating systems, but I guess there’s just no stopping their lure.”
“My, how unfortunate!”
“I told him! I said, Gil Hunter, stop right there. Remember the blue scream of death? The plague of ethereal locusts emanating from the disk drive and such? Don’t get me started on those murderous mice from ’09. You will set our school up with regular, respectable software or you will walk right out of here. And look what happens! Anyway, do you know much about medieval French history? There’s a haunted puppet with no wires attached and he’s asking threatening riddles.”

Dennis by Ari Crozier, for the 111 Emergency Words team

Fingers twitch. Cyclops vision of gold, watching you watching him.
Steady your breath. In and out, in again.
Flick of the tail and there’s your opening. Reach out, cobra strike.
Success. Soft, downy grey sticking to everything.
Miss the second go. Thwarted, swatted by that blasted tail.
Dennis the Domesticated Denizen of ‘my dinner now’.
Eyes aren’t even open. Must be teasing, luring you in with a throaty purr.
The sleeping beast lies. Ashy mountain of fur, rumble a warning.
Plan your strategy. Creepy crawling, inching closer.
Reach out. Don’t breathe now, hold off a sneeze.
Stinging red. Retreat, sound the alarm.
Three strikes and you’re out. Better luck next time.

Fabulus Famus Fandangle by Marlon Moala-Knox, for the 111 Emergency Words team

Fandangle (1)The trainees’ chatter cut short as an elegant little cough brought all eyes to the front of the room. ‘CLASS IN SESHUN’ read the blackboard. Fandangle began with the usual overview of a historic fashion moment. Today’s topic: Darwin’s theory of natural complexion. Fandangle was halfway through a sentence when an indecent miscreant ran past the window, cackling and showing off their hat-bereft head to the world. Fandangle knew what to do. The little monster gracefully tossed a diamond-encrusted beret onto the offender’s head, bringing them to their senses and making them a productive member of society. The trainees at Fashion Police Academy were quick to applaud their beloved grand master.

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