Ayalla Buchanan

Ayalla Buchanan lives in Wellington and has an undergraduate degree in English literature, psychology, and criminology. She has short fiction and poetry published in various places, is currently writing book 2 of a YA series, and has worked as a legislation editor for several years. Her favourite things are her animals, her books, and her best friend the chemistry teacher.


Arielle Crozier

Arielle Crozier is a sleep-deprived daydreamer masquerading as a wannabe writer. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, drawing, and is a master of the art of procrastination. With a special fondness for sci-fi, fantasy, and western genres, she also enjoys editing and reading others’ works as much as writing her own.


Marlon Moala-Knox

Come child, what do we say about Marlon, the boy of many secrets? Toss him your scraps in the morning, peace be unto you, but don’t get too close, child. See him in the afternoon, don’t touch him, he might break, and he doesn’t forget. He’s a fanciful boy, Marlon, a mystery boy, but see him at dusk with the blackbird on his head and be on your way. Don’t hurt Marlon, child.


Loughlin Costello

Keyser Soze once convinced the world that he didn’t exist. He also wrote in third person a few times but wasn’t very good at it. Now that I think of it, I guess I did okay.